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USB Dual Role

Question asked by Jacinth on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by Gregchen

I have a SC589 EZLITE board running the linux add on and I am trying to use the USB_OTG port as a host and the USB_HS port as a device.  The host port seems to be working fine.  I connect a hub to it and it recognizes the hub and loads its driver.  I have the host port connected to the upstream port of the hub and the device port connected to the downstream port and I am trying to run testusb.c code to test the device port with the gadget zero driver.  But when I connect the device port the host doesn't seem to recognize any usb device was connected.  When I run modprobe g_zero, I get no response.  Could anyone explain what I need to do to get the USB_HS port working with the gadget zero driver in this setup?