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AD7606 TUE figure

Question asked by Crisn- on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Crisn-

I have a few queries relating to the AD7606..


Does the TUE figure for the AD7606  include the internal band-gap refence tolerance and its ppm change with temperature?

- The datasheet states that, for the full-scale error figures (in Note 4), "These specifications include the full temperature range variation and contribution from the internal reference buffer but do not include the error contribution from

the external reference". From this it in unclear if it includes the internal reference or only the reference buffer itself.

Please could you clarify.


If the band-gap tolerance is included in the TUE then I don't need to know it's initial acuraccy (which isn't specified). However, it would be a useful figure to have in deciding whether or not use of an external reference would be of benefit.


Also, there is no tolerance stated for the 1M internal impedances of the device. This becomes inportant as any external resistances get added, but without a tolerance, it isn't possible to quantify any additional errors introduced when using external series resistors. Does Analog have a figure for this tolerance?