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accelerometers in electrical flashover applications

Question asked by kishore.kumar on Nov 16, 2017
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I am currently working with ADXL356 accelerometer. My end user application of this sensor is it should detect accoustic noise created during electrical flashover. I tested this sensor by dropping some mass (55gms) on table upto 10 feet distance. It is able to detect that vibrations caused during drop through table surface. I am little bit confused that in the final application I have to detect vibrations caused by electrical flashovers in underground power cables.

Is it possible to detect those vibrations (caused by accoustic noise during flashover) with ADXL356. Since I have to detect those vibrations with some hand stick (where accelerometer will be placed and stick won't touch to earth surface also). Please give your suggestions and give any partnumber which is suitable with my application.

I have to detect relative direction (in all 3 axis) of fault with accelerometer when electrical flashover is occured. (This is my requirement)