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AD9361 ADI IIO Setup

Question asked by Mohamed.m on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by sripad
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I am using the AD9361 FMCOMMS3 with Z706 FPGA board. I had a few questions to ask:


1. What is the class type of the Power Amplifier used at the transmitter?

2. Using the ADI IIO Oscilloscope, I see that the x-axis is the number of samples, is the y-axis voltage in mV? If not what is displayed at the y-axis.

3. How can I load custom signals, such as LTE for example on ADI IIO? The Tx only lists One CW tone, two CW tones, Independent I/Q Control, DAC Buffer Output.

4. I am using a One CW Tone at 1MHz with a 2.4 GHz LO frequency (settings attached). If the input 1dB compression point is around -65 dBm which is around -71 dBFS. However, when I input that value on the ADI IIO for the Tx, all I see is noise (attached here). Could you please help me with that?