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problems with UART interruptions bf533

Question asked by alejandro on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by PrasanthR

hi, we are trying to implement a serial comunication to a program  based on sound processing Talkthrough.h, on a Blackfin 533 board


the program that process the music is always calling an interruption every sound sample it gets, we are trying to mix it with the example that analog devices provides in Examples->blackfin Family..->drivers->UART, but we have a problem with the initialization of the interruptions,

can we manage those two interruptions? UART provided by Analog Devices and the Talkthrough interrupts


for the Process_data we use we initialize 2 interruptions:


in the Init_interrupts:


// Set Sport0 RX (DMA1) interrupt priority to 2 = IVG9
    *pSIC_IAR0 = 0xffffffff; 
    *pSIC_IAR1 = 0xffffff2f;




register_handler(ik_ivg9, Sport0_RX_ISR);


in the ISR.v:




when we try to compile this, the function adi_dev_open (related with the UART) always fail, if we comment the lines above the program works correctly with the communications but never calls the process_data.


Thank you for your help