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Interfacing ADC & DAC of AD9361 with BB module running in PL side of picozed SOM

Question asked by Kalkikrishna on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by AdrianC

In my application my BB modules for RX and TX are available in VHDL and I need to configure the AD9361 and need to send my TX data to DAC and RX data from Ad9361 to My RX modules. What i find is all the HDL drivers given connects the DAC and DAC data to AXI port. Whether I can use the drivers(applicable verilog files only) as such for my application or as per the data port timing diagram given, I can make a module in VHDL for ADC & DAC interface.If i save time by using your HDL drivers, what are the files I need only to send data to DAC and receive data from ADC. Please advice