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AD1937 - asking 4channel TDM configuration

Question asked by song on Nov 9, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2011 by song

Hello, AD Engineers.


I have a question about 4 channel, 16bits, TDM single line configuration.

I set 4 channel, 48kHz, 16bits, TDM single line, master mode with direct MCLK mode(48kHz*512) in AD1937.


I checked frequency from BCLK(6.144MHz), FS(48kHz) from ad1937.

It seems OK for 48kHz 128fs(4 channels).


But when I checked speaker out, I can hear 4 speakers out.

Each speaker has 2 channels, so I expected that I can hear 2 speakers out.


In manual page 20, Figure 16 shows that one slot has 32bits in 8 channel DAC configuration.

When AD1937 is set to 16bits, 4 channels and TDM mode, does one slot size become 16bits?

Or should I change MCLK frequency for 128fs, TDM mode?


Please give me 4channel TDM configuration.


Thanks alot.