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Relation between V(LDOCC) and VDD of HMC920

Question asked by on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by kkaya


I am using HMC920 to bias HMC637A.


1)In HM920 what is the relation  between VDD and V(LDOCC)?

2)In order to bias HMC637A I need V(LDOCC)= 12.20. To get  V(LDOCC)= 12.20, my VDD has to be greater than 12.22(Correct me if I am wrong)

3)If above assumption is wrong can I get V(LDOCC)= 12.20 with VDD=5V

4)If my assumption in query 2 is right what is the Minimum VDD has to feed in to VDD terminal to get V(LDOCC)= 12.20


Noted Thank you.