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ad9631 projects "no source avaiable for "_start()"

Question asked by spring1919 on Nov 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by andrei_g

Hello teacher,

         I use VIVADO2016.2 to build MICROBLAZE minimum system debugging AD9361, hardware platform is KC705, builted  9361 project with SDK2016.2,  when i build project  that promat data overflow, I have changed address space of  "sys_dlmb_cntlr " and "sys_ilmb_cntlr"   in VIVADO , Changed  the address space from 256K to 512k, export to the hardware platform to SDK , after the SDK compiled ,no errors prompts ,and generate the .elf file,After changing the above file  , when I debug projects ,it's cannot jump into main()  function   , then   prompts "no source avaiable for "_start()",  

       How can I solve this problem that can not Launching, how to enter DEGUG interface?

     thanks teacher!