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ADM3053 error output when power-down

Question asked by Usaghi2nd on Nov 10, 2017
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We are tested ADM3053 on our board and observed following behaviour when power down (Actually Vio=Vcc=2.5V).


There is no error observed under normal operation.


After power down, when RXD becomes to L, CANH and CANL is unstable during 28usec, unintentionally.

Analysis result indicates error frame generated, which is enclosed in red rectangular, shown in following chart.


Also shown together with Vcc and Vio as follows.

(This figure indicates Vcc=Vio=3V, however this oscilloscope tends to show 500mV higher voltage, thus Vcc=Vio=2.5V in fact.)


Questions are;

Q1) Is this error output on CAN bus is presumable result if RXD make voltage transition when Vcc=Vio=2.5V ?


Q2) Datasheet of ADM3053 doesn't instruct power down sequence, however if we obey to particular sequence of power down, do you think we could avoid the output of error frame ?


Q3) Datasheet of ADM3053 also doesn't show exact range(minimum and maximum) operating voltage of Vcc and Vio. Can you provide these specifications ?


If you need schematic of the board and other detail, could you please let me know contact mail address of closed communication ?


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