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ADV7611 input source recognize problem

Question asked by kl002 on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2017 by kl002

Hello :


   I am using ADV7611 for HDMI source chip , I met a problem , most kind of HDMI source device can be recognized correctly such as Gopro camara and HDMI hub , but when I use STB box , adv7611 can't output right waveform , I tried to read register , and found HDMI/DVI status bit ( 0x68 0x06[7]) is 0 ,which means its DVI source? other register such as clock detect , pll lock is right.

  I use oscilloscope to test the DDCL signal , found there is only few signals when I plug into the cable ,then there is nothing but hign level input . for comparing , I test the right source and found there is always DDCL signal after I plug the cable.


  Hope for your reply , thanks a lot.