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Problem using RTD_Demo.c on ADuCM360

Question asked by Absel on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Brandon



I'm trying to test this example code in order to implement a similar system using PT100. The thing is that when I connect a PT100 between AIN1 and AIN0 the code gives an output RTD resistance equal to 49 ohms which ain't even close to the actual value (around 110 ohms). Do you know why is this happening? Is the internal RTD connecteed to AIN1/AIN0 and thus the value I'm obtaining is the divisor of both PT100? (If so: How can I disconnect the inner RTD from AIN1/AIN0 in order to measure mine?).




I also noticed the ADC1STA Error to be enabling from time to time. Do I need to do any change in the software provided to make it work properly?



Thank you in advance.