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AD8495 Input Filter - Resisistor Value

Question asked by AngelicaZ on Nov 8, 2017
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I've been running simulations with AD8495, the circuit is similar to the Fig 29 in the datasheet, I implement a filter at the input. I noticed that as I change the resistor value of the low pass filter, I get a slight different output voltage. In the datasheet it is not mentioned anything about the impact of resistor value to the output voltage.

In the Application Note AN-1087, it says that for 780°C at the measurement junction, the actual output of AD8495 for a K type is 3.975V. I only get that voltage if the resistor of the filter is 2.4k, but it changes if I change the resistor in the filter. I don't understand if this drift error is to be expected in real life, or if the spice model of AD8495 just doesn't compensate to get a close linear fitting as depicted in Table 3 of the Application Note AN-1087. Will I get the output voltages of Table 3 in App Note, regardless of the resistor value in the input filter?

Can you please advice on this?

Thank you!