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Debugging SHARC cores without affecting ARM

Question asked by jon_harris8 on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by BrianW

Using CCES 2.6, I want to debug a SC-587.  The ARM core is running Linux and our application.  I want to be able to debug the SHARC cores using an ICE-2000 without affecting the ARM.  I have attempted to set up a debug configuration with nothing in the ARM, but when I start it, the ARM either reboots or slows down massively to the point where echo typed text at the command line takes seconds per character.  This is with my SHARC code not running.


In looking through other similar questions, I found several references to this to a document entitled "Debugging on ADSP-SC58x / ADSP-2158x Targets". The link given in those posts is

However, I get an unauthorized message when I go there.


Any tips on debugging the SHARCs without affecting the ARM or how to find that document?