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AD9361: Internal temperature sensor reading

Question asked by Shahid_DE Employee on Nov 8, 2017
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While using the provided AD9361 driver including the AUX ADC setup function ad9361_auxadc_setup() and then after initialization calling function ad9361_get_temp(),

I would like to know: 

1. What is the unit of the return value of get_temp()? Is it 10^-3 degC? Does it support negative temperature values, too?

 2. The function auxadc_set() sets (while using the default initialization values) the temperature sensor offset to -50:

ad9361_spi_write(spi, REG_TEMP_OFFSET, ctrl->offset);


If you compare this with the example code in the reference manual pg 84, the offset value is set to 0.

Can you reveal the background of this setting?

How does it influence the temperature reading? Is there any combination of the offset with the read value?


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