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ADP2384 Design Tool vs ADISimPE results

Question asked by EVC on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by EVC

I have ran the Design Tool and exported the Bode+LoadTransient+Ripple file for simulation in ADISimPE. I started with the configuration of the first figure below for sanity check (I ultimately want to simulate the circuit with a LC filter for minimum ripple). I am getting some funny results with the bode simulation.


Bode plot in the Design Tool:

ADISimPE bode plot:

It reports a nearly 0 gain margin and -158° phase margin and that may explain the oscillation in the transient simulation graph:


I am attaching the ADISimPE file created by DT that generated the two graphs above. What am I missing?


Thank you in advance for the support.


PS: I am hope I am posting in the right place, ADIsimPE appears with a "Power By Linear" that implies Linear Technology solutions though the particular IC I am using is AD.