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AD5755-1 Vboost and AVCC pin

Question asked by Terumasa on Nov 7, 2017
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Our customer will use AD5755-1.

He needs Voltage output 2ch  ( DAC channel A and B) and current output 2ch (DAC channel C and D).

He would like to reduce board size and he asks below questions.

Please let me know your advice.



He would like to remove a inductor and diode because of reducing board size.

Regarding to voltage output channel and current output channel,

can we connect any fixed supply to Vboost x pin directly  ?

If there is not any problem,  can we connect  the pin of  DCDC converter circuit (AVCC pin adn SW pin) to GND ? 



Regarding to question1 ,

His circuit has 24 V supply now.

Is there any problem to connect 24V to Vboost pin ?