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ADXL355 overvoltage (probably ADXL354 too)

Question asked by SiliDoug on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by SiliDoug

I have a system prototype with an ADXL355 which is powered (VSupply and VDDio) from a microcontroller port pin. Normally, the micro is powered from 3V0, but, during programming, it is powered from 5V0.

If I forget to switch back to 3V0 supply and power the system from 5V0, the accelerometer output is zero on all axes.


I see from the Absolute Maximum Ratings section of the datasheet (page 8  on rev. 0) that VSupply and VDDio are Amaxed to 5.4V, but on page 5 (the power supply section), the range is limited to 3.6V. On page 22 of the datasheet (under VDDio), the LDO regulators are described as being active between 2.25V and 3.6V. Do they shutdown when VDDio is > 3.6V as well as when VDDio < 2.25V?


Is any harm done to the device if VSupply and VDDio are together driven from 3.6V to 5.4V?


I'm not looking to drive the ADXL355 beyond 3V0 in normal operation, I just want to know if I've potentially compromised my working sample.


Many thanks in advance.