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On the upper limit of available memory area in ADSP-21489(Visual-DSP ++)

Question asked by wbp501 on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by Jithul_Janardhanan

Is it possible to allocate 64kword(128 kbyte)RAM area as Read/Write buffer area in the SRAM area of ADSP-21489?


Development tool : Visual DSP++ Ver.5.1.2


<Reserved by array>
  unsigned int buf[0x8000];  ***In the case of 32kword, no error occurred during linking.
  unsigned int buf[0x10000]; ***In the case of 64kword, an error occurred during linking.


<Reserved by malloc function>
   No error occurred at build time, but an error occurred at the time of execution
   and the area could not be secured.
   buf = (unsigned int *)malloc(0x10000);      ***At the time of execution, "buf = NULL" on error.


The memory configuration of ADSP-21489 is as follows.
   Block0 SRAM 124000 - 13BFFF <98kbytes>
   Block1 SRAM 164000 - 17BFFF <98kbytes>
   Block2 SRAM 180000 - 18FFFF <64kbytes>
   Block3 SRAM 1C0000 - 1CFFFF <64kbytes>

The area of 64 kbytes (128 kbytes) seems to be secured.


In Visual-DSP ++, is there an upper limit to the memory area that can be secured?