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What is the best strategy to connect 16 AD4003 and AD8251 in parallel for 16 channel DAQ?

Question asked by liubenyuan on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by maithil

Hi, I want to simultaneously collect 16 channel data at 1MSPS using AD4003 and programmable gain INA AD8251. 16 AD4003 and 16 AD8251 are used and all of them are connected to a FPGA.


The problem is the pin counts. A ad4003 has 4 pin: CONV, SDI, SDO, SCK, and a AD8251 has 3 pin: WR, A0, A1. Each channel would consume 7 pins, and totally 16 channel would take up 16*7=112 pins.


1. Is there any way to use AD4003 in parallel and reduce the overall pin counts?


2. Is it ok that CONV, SCK, SDI of AD4003 are shared among all AD4003? i.e., FPGA output an CONV signal and this signal is connected to 16 AD4003? Do we need a buffer?