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CN0359 4 electrode probe

Question asked by FranD on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2017 by R.L

I am having huge problems trying to get a consistent reading with the CN0359 using a 4 electrode probe. It is a simple, colinear probe with a cell constant of about 4. When used with a 100 mS solution, I only get a square waveform at 10 Hz (using 1V drive). Still, it gives me a Sensor Error reading. If I try to increase the frequency, it begins to look like I have some kind of shunt capacitance, as the waveform distorts until it is almost extinguished at 100 kHz (like one would expect with a low pass).

Has anyone had success using this system with a 4 electrode probe and relatively high conductivities?