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About ADV7282M output data

Question asked by royheyuan Employee on Nov 2, 2017
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Data stream: NTSC input(standard 720*240) => ADV7282M => MIPI output to IMX6 from NXP. (BT.656-4)


In order to get better image quality, I want to use I2P function at IMX6 instead of doing I2P in ADV7282M, to use I2P function, IMX6 need to know Even/Odd field information, I add a line at Even field by setting 0X7E register. To tell IMX6 about even/odd info.

Output  MIPI data format in datasheet


  • To proper configure MIPI CSI2 receiver side at IMX6, below information need to confirm:
  • As for BT.656-4, the output would be 720*243(even), 720*244(odd), but considering the input valid data is 720*240(even), 720*240(odd), where will the extra lines be, at the FRAME START, or FRAME END?
  • By setting 0X7E additional delay by one line, where will the added line will be? At FRAME START or FRMAE END?

MIPI protocal 


Look forward to getting the answer, thanks in advance!