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Downsampling Upsampling techniques Sigma Studio ADAU1452

Question asked by DanieleCe on Nov 2, 2017

I have a question regarding Downsampling Upsampling techniques applied by ADAU1452 in a certain configuration. Thanks in advance for your replies.


I have an ADAU1452 configured via Sigma Studio with sample rate set to 192kHz.

-1 input 192kHz (no resampling needed )

-1 input 48kHz (upsampling to 192kHz needed) 

-1 output 96kHz (downsampling to 96kHz needed)

The ADAU is set as master for all I2S and it is providing the three different clocks.

Everything is working properly, the ADAU1452 is upsampling and downsampling without the need of any sample rate converters on sigma studio.


1)Which is the downsampling method used? Is it simply decimation? Is there a way to set which techniques should the ADAU use?


2)Which is the upsampling method? Is there a way to set it?