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ADXL362 evaluation kit power consumption tab

Question asked by chumingz on Nov 2, 2017
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I'm using ADXL362Z-MLP (with GUI) evaluation kit and I'm running into problems in the Power Consumption tab. On the Power Consumption tab in the Auto Sleep mode, I'm measuring noisy signals jumping back and forth in 0-15 uA in the current consumption and -3~3 g in the Output (g). When I'm trying to do it using Measurement mode, I'm measuring nothing and the GUI is frozen and crashed. I installed the software/firmware as instructed on the manual and I was able to measure/view the Real Time Data for all three axes, but I have trouble measuring only in the power consumption. I'm attaching two pictures showing the data I got in the Real Time Data and Power Consumption tab. Please help. Thanks very much.