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Trouble Using Algorithm Designer

Question asked by J_Rucker_00 on Nov 1, 2017
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I have gotten Sigma Studio for Sharc to work with my ADSP21469 EZ Kit.  I would now like to explore using the Algorithm Designer function to create my own algorithms.  I have read through "SigmaStudio For Sharc - Algorithm Designer and am trying to create a basic CCES template that I can use to write my own algorithms. However, I am stuck and cannot seem to generate a DLM in CCES (2.7.0). 


I have tried two approaches - building a new file from scratch, and modifying existing templates from the SigmaStudio for Sharc Toolbox.  I have been unsuccessful with both approaches, so I am hoping someone can help me move forward.  


Building From Scratch

When I create a new file (as described in Section 4.2), I use the "SigmaStudio for SHARC Plug-In For ADSP-214xx" and cannot get the file to build.  When this file is generated, there is no LDF file included. It does generate a file called "Debug", and the code seems to resemble what the example.ldf code should be.  When I try to build the file, it gives me an error message saying that the Debug does not exist.  Is "Debug" supposed to be my LDF file? How do I generate a  LDF file?





Building From a Template

I am trying to build a file using the given template with the SigmaStudio for Sharc  (Target/ExtModules/Template). However, when I open the file, CCES does not give me any option to build the project.  How can I go about building a DXE file using the template?  



My objective is to be able to create a template that I can use to write my own algorithms and implement them in SigmaStudio for Sharc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! 



- Justin