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ADE 7953 questions.

Question asked by ricpar123 on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2018 by Gary.Kang.AnalogDevices

I have a couple of questions, regarding the ADE7953.

1.- For the RMS value, how many samples are taken?, I mean, which is the value of "N" in the equation 2, page 24?. It is said the measure takes more or less 200 ms at a rate of 6.99 kHz, but I can't understand how translate this rate to a number of samples.

2.- Why the value of Active Power, for resistive load, don't match exactly the value obtained from P = Vrms*Irms, assuming that both current and voltage are pure sine waves? For a load of 80 W light bulb with 110 V, the values are:


Vrms : 110 V.

Irms : 718 mA.

Active Power : 8000 mW


So P = 110*0.718 = 78,98 W = 7898 mW, it is an acceptable error?


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