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ADRV9371+ZC706 Error: Verify ARM checksum failed

Question asked by manlikewind on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by gverma

Hello, everyone

     I want to run Linux on ZC706 and use TES to program FPGA. I boot the board from SD card. But after I powered the ZC706 and used TES to program FPGA, I received an error like this:

Error Programming: ERROR:113, Verify ARM checksum failed

I used UART to watch the boot info and also received the error info: Verify ARM checksum failed.

My TES version is 2.0.67, SD image version is AD9371-Image-20161130 and SD card's capacity is 7.2G. I have updated platform files.


    Otherwise, when I used TES 2.0.67 and SD image 2016_R2-2017_06_29, I received the requirement of updating platform files from TES, but the "Device" button on TES is gray and I can not update platform files. 


2 questions in all and please help me out, thank you!