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About ADuCM322 temp sensor

Question asked by Tarzan on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by Aj.Hernandez

Hi there, 

I have a couple of questions about the temp sensor on ADuCM322.

Please help me out!

I'm referring to the data sheet and user's manual. 


The questions are followings.


#1, Fig9 on the datasheet says it's data at  50ksps. 

But the user manual says "When the temperature sensor channel is selected, the ADC update rate must be 80 kSPS. "

Are there any reasons that the fig 9 is tested at 50ksps and how does  the update rate diffrence affect the ADC result?


#2, According to the user's manual, it seems like users can not change the update rate like the comment.

"The ADC automatically changes the ADC update rate to 80 kSPS when the temperature sensor, AV DD /2, or IOV DD /2 input channel is selected. "

But I just wonder if  we can select the different data rates when the temp sensor is selected?

What if update the different data rates to ADCCONVC register after Tmep sensor is selected?


#3、The user's manual says that this temp senor is for low voltage die,  can we estimate that the temp sensor result covers digital die?

From the customer view point, it's a bit confusing .....


Best regards,