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ADP5091 Question

Question asked by HOD on Nov 1, 2017
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Please tell me about the operation of the ADP5091.


The problem is that the voltage of Vbat rises to a voltage higher than Vbat_term set.
The setting value of Vbat_term is TYP: 5.03 V
Rterm 1 = 8.06 MΩ
Rterm 2 = 3.48 MΩ

With this set value up to about 0.5 mW input power up to the set value of 5 V

It seems that charging and discharging are repeated with Vbat_term_hys.

However, if the input power exceeds 3 mW, the voltage will rise to about 6 V.
Are there any mistakes in the settings or parameters that you missed?


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