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Setting up the Adum4135

Question asked by raipikapi on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by sanket.sapre

Hi, I'm working on a project to control an IGBT module with the Adum4135 gate driver chip. I am not extremely electronic savvy and just need help with making sure I connect all of the legs to the right location. I looked at the data sheet for the chip and some things were still unclear for me. I also have been searching through the forums here and there isn't much information available in my opinion or at least from what I have found.


I have an arduino mega to supply the 5 V on side 1 and also to read the logic pins. I want to use a pulse wave modulator to control the gate driver chip which in turn will control the opening and closing of the IGBT module. The pulse wave modulator receives power from the 5V on the arduino mega as well. I only need to use the V+ input signal so I believe the V- should be set to ground? I also have a voltage supply that gives 13.8 V for side 2 of the adum4135 chip. I just need to determine and confirm which pins would connect where in order to make sure the chip is working and connected properly.


What I noticed also through the forums is that many people are putting DESAT to GND2 because it tends to be sensitive and throw a lot of errors.


One more thing, how would you go about measuring the output of the gate driver chip?


Thank you in advance