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Time sink on Gnuradio is not display correctly as time domain in iio-oscilloscope

Question asked by mr_nazrin on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by travisfcollins

Hi Team Analog Devices !


I'm glad to run tutorial from GNU Radio [Analog Devices Wiki]  on my laptop via VMware Player + Ubuntu 16 + Windows 7 32-bits. I also successful install iio-oscilloscope IIO Oscilloscope [Analog Devices Wiki]  as well. 


I execute two test mode on iio-oscilloscope fast and manual mode with bandwidth 50Mhz, Sampling rate 2.084 MSPS, LO 2.4GHz, RF port A, TX1 Attenuation 10dB, One Tone frequency of 5k Hz. The results are good like following figure. I communicate to FMCOMMS2 board using remote on a laptop.


Fast mode:

fast mode iio

Slow mode:

slow mode -iio  


Then I close that iio-scope to open gnuradio and do similar test mode with same parameters.

However the time sink response is not as expected.

fast mode

slow mode


Seems that the amplitude is cut off at 1 !.


Pls advice if someone solve this issue.


Thank you very much.