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ADV7441A single connector

Question asked by Janos on Nov 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2011 by DaveD


We are designing a board with ADV7441A. It will be used in an industrial embedded application, therefore there is no way  to use standard connectors. (like VGA, and RCA etc.) There is only a limited number of input wires available but we would like to support several input types.


The following AIN inputs are planned to use.

-GREEN / Pb- AIN1 (Pin 77)
-BLUE / Pr - AIN2 (Pin 79)
-RED / Y- AIN3 (Pin 81)

-SOG / SOY - SOG (Pin 75)

-CVBS - AIN4 (Pin 94)


We need to support, SD-CVBS, Computer RGB (Including SOG), Component over YPbPr standards. (We do not care about YC and SCART.)


I know with "ADC_sw_man_en" you can override the default input sources, but I would like to double-check with you that the design will work.


So the question:


Can you confirm that signal connection to AIN1-AIN3 (+SOG) can be used to capture both Computer RGB and Component  YPbPr, with a modified script, where ADC_sw_man_en is configured correctly?