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DAQ2 hdl_2017_r1

Question asked by skravats on Oct 30, 2017
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I am working with the Intel A10 GX dev kit and the DAQ2 project. The combined hardware works well with the hdl_2016_r2 fpga release and the altera_4.6 linux build for the OS. In addition i am using the standard rootfs referenced in the Nios ii user manual.


We are now migrating to the hdl_2017_r1 release. The ALT PLLS would not lock when using the altera_4.6 linux build. I migrated to the altera_4.9 linux build and this seemed to resolve any driver mismatches. However when now trying to connect to the target using iio scope no live data shows up. I have verified that iio scope connects to the target successfully.


I have attached the boot logs. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.