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The priority of SYNC of ADV7842

Question asked by Kikka on Oct 30, 2017
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I have a question about CH1_SYNC_SRC(Addr 44 (CP), Address 0x85[4:3]) and CH2_SYNC_SRC(Addr 44 (CP), Address 0x41[4:3]).


In the case of default value, UG-214 says "Auto detect mode for synchronization source. Use results of auto detection for synchronization signal routing. Result can be read back via CH1_CUR_SYNC[1:0] bits".


Please tell me the priority of selecting the synchronization sources.

(In other words, if all synchronization signals input properly, which does ADV7842 select?)


For example.

1----"separate HSync and VSync"

2----"CSync on HSync"

3----"embedded synchronization signal" 


Your cooperation will be great help.

Best regards.