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ADXL357 EXT_CLK usage

Question asked by Andy_Zcmm on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by Andy_Zcmm

hi,i can not understand the adxl357 ext_clk usage. 

      my board:



      i want to use ext_clk,because the ext_clk have High precision.But the adxl357 is bad when the adxl357 INT2 PIN(ODR set 4khz  ) coonnected to my Active crystals(Output 3V 1.204mhz,sometimes  it ouput 3.6V).

     And the adxl357 setting as follow(red box):

     My question"

    1.why the adxl357 bad when connect to my crystals?

     2.if i went to use ext_clk,how to set EXT_CLK adn Interupt Register?