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Configuring AXI-DMAC in Linux userspace.

Question asked by abhinav004 on Oct 29, 2017
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I can successfully configure AD9361 with zc702 board booted with ADI Linux Kernel. I use IIO method to configure the AD9361-fmcomms2. However, I am finding it difficult to work with AXI-DMAC to store data from a specific address in DDR. I have mmap AXI-DMAC in Linux userspace and able to configure it using the baremetal driver(adc_core.c  driver).

no-OS/adc_core.c at ecf8147b6e1c63fd649fea148482a6712d657a9c · analogdevicesinc/no-OS · GitHub 

However, it gets stuck at the second do while loop in the driver. I am not able to understand this loop, is it blocking on an interrupt of some kind? I have also referred the register map of AXI-DMAC here

Base (common to all cores) [Analog Devices Wiki] 

Could you please refer to a more comprehensive application note for operating AXI-DMAC? I don't intend to use IIO Oscilloscope.


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