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Link port Communication in 4 bit mode is not happening!!!..

Question asked by santhanakrishnan on Oct 28, 2017
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I am using 2 ADSP TS201S Processors in my board. I am facing one issue with the link port communication. The link port communication (Only L2) is not happening in ambient temperature. Above 40 to 45°C this communication is happening. I dont know why it is behaving like this. During debugging process we have found the following things.


As i explained earlier, We are using 2 TigerSHARC processors in our board (For Ex. DSP1 & DSP2). In that DSP2 acts as a Master and DSP1 acts as a slave. At the time of starting both the processors are booted simultaneously.


    While debugging, in the DEBUG mode,

      # First we booted DSP2 (Master-Tx) and after that We booted DSP1 (Slave-Rx). While doing this, the data received correctly.

      # If we boot DSP1 (Slave-Rx) first and DSP2 (Master-Tx) second, the random data is received.

      # The above observations were taken in ambient temperature.



The above mentioned debug process using 4 bit mode. We have tried 1 bit mode also. It is working fine. 



Can anyone help!!!