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AD9363 setting

Question asked by ramon.righini on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by ramon.righini
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I'm using Analog Linux driver for AD9363 in a custom board without the TX.


The kernel module prints this warning

" Calibration TIMEOUT (0x287, 0x2)"

it should be related to TX calibration. Can I disable the TX calibration in the DTS file?


Further, the device is locked in "alert" state, I need the FDD state for my tests (FDD is specified in DTS).


The content of the "state registers" is

0x13   0x1

0x14   0x29

0x15   0x4

0x16   0x0

0x17   0x15


I tried to change the register values, but I can't set the FDD state.


Do you have any suggestion?


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