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Double HMC797APM5E with HMC980LP4E bias controller

Question asked by MarcZ on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by MarcZ

Hi everyone,


I would like to design a circuit with 2 x HMC797APM5E with 2 x bias controllers (the right one seems to be the HMC980LP4E).


This is my needs :

- Amplify DC to over 20GHz signal

- Input : 0 to 350mV and need an output 0 to 5Vmin (so P1dB min +24dBm)

- Would like the cleanest signal as possible, stay in linearity part.


No single amplifier is capable of doing this Gain for this Band, so I need to do a daisy chain with 2 amplifiers. The HMC797 seems to be the right choice.


I read in documentations and application notes that an active bias controller ensures a proper sequencing, level and security for the amplifier.

The application note AN-1393 is very helpful with some example circuits ( )


What circuits of this application note should I follow to make it work with the HMC797? 

Perform a daisy chain using the TRIGOUT of the first HMC980, is this the right thing to do?

What would be your precautions for this kind of circuit?


Thank you very much,