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AD9364 ENSM control

Question asked by Aaryan on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by DragosB
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Hello Sir/ madam,


I am working on using AD9364in S-Band transceiver project , For validation purpose i am using AD9364 Evaluation board. Complete programmingfhgg of the AD9364 on our controller is done. Step by step validation with the Evaluation board also completed. But, I am facing problem with ENSM control which I'm controlling it thru SPI. After ad9361_setup()  is complted I am forcing ENSM to FDD mode by setting force tx on 1. It should switch to FDD mode after that. but, while setting TX sampling frequency, if I read the state it was in Alert mode. Before putting it into ALERT mode. What's the issue? Communication with AD9364 is proper, but why it is not going to FDD mode?


I am generating data clock to modem of 20 MHz successfully, and also Sampling clock is also set properly. I am not being able to observe the LO frequency at the O/P, What might be the issue?


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