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problem about xcvr_setup(&mkDevice)  of ad9371's API

Question asked by jobsa on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by gverma

      hello   now I will configure ad9371 . I have two questions,need some help as follows


1    I need AD9371's timing qequence of spi to design a spi's block. I need know ports' relationship between spi_clk,spi_cs,spi_di,spi_do.


2   I can't understand the function xcvr_setup(&mkDevice) of API . In the project of advr9371x_zc706, I can't find the value of  XPAR_AXI_AD9371_RX_XCVR_BASEADDR, XPAR_AXI_AD9371_TX_XCVR_BASEADDR, XPAR_AXI_AD9371_RX_OS_XCVR_BASEADDR  in  address Editior of ZYNQ 7 processing system. In the demo project , I  oly find axi addr value of axi_ad9371_gt , axi_rx_clkgen and so on.  The explanatory note about  xcvr_setup(&mykDevice) is "myKons is actively transmitting CGS from the Rx the RXFramer / obsRxfRamer ".    

     so , I need know actual meanning of xcvr_setup(&mkDevice), and I want know the values of XPAR_AXI_AD9371_RX_XCVR_BASEADDR, XPAR_AXI_AD9371_TX_XCVR_BASEADDR,  and XPAR_AXI_AD9371_RX_OS_XCVR_BASEADDR.