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IIR Accelerator - Multiple Stages?

Question asked by briandb on Oct 25, 2017
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I have read through the 214xx hardware reference manual and am aware of the specs/limitations;


  • Up to 12 biquads/channel
  • Up to 24 channels


I would like to use the IIR accelerator to process 8 audio input channels, mix these down to 8 output channels and then filter the output channels using the IIR accelerator. I have it configured correctly, If I just filter either the 8 input channels or 8 output channels, everything works fine. But when I try to apply the Accelerator to both input and output channels, as soon as I try to update coefficients, the signal distorts and the filters jump in and out.

I'm guessing that the IIR accelerator must be used only once per audio callback? Or should it be possible to process 2 sets of buffers per audio callback?