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Testing ad9361 Problem

Question asked by mtnkh on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by sripad

Hi every one,

I really don't know what do to. I have to test ad9361 part of the board in our company. I run it's SPI and it is working properly but for testing other pins and ports I really don't know what to do as we have our own board and just use ad9361 beside a spartan6 I have no idea what to do I know that the last three registers of ad9361 is for testing but at first I have to set all the registers (Except those that are not needed)and ad9361 has about 1014 registers and at first I have to read all these registers and initialize each of them and then run test registers. but it takes too time to understand 1014 registers and after that write each of them via SPI. I could not understand non of the drivers of this device as I'm using spartan6 FPGA and I use VHDL codes. please help me to run a set up test for this part.