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Flash programmer for BF547

Question asked by jacob on Nov 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by BFProgrammer

I am using BF 547 with my own board, and trying to create a Flash programmer .
I am using a PSD4256G Parallel flash.

in the past, i have created a Flash programmer for the Flash for a BF533 processor.
so, i took the Bf548 flash programmer and the bf533 flash programmer, and combined them together to create a new one for my needs.

as i am using the Tools->Flash programmer tab at VDSP+ (V5) and loading the .dxe file to the target
the GUI shows me the folloing message: "Success: Driver loaded."

then, as i am filling the memory (to any sector) the GUI shows me: "Success: Flash filled."

But, as i Exit the flash programmer to see the Blackfin's Memory, i see that there is nothing there (i.e. the flash was not filled)

do you have any suggestions, or an arbitrary Flash programmer for PSD4256G with BF54x processors?