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Is it possible to re-program the ADRF6516 filters to different frequencies ?

Question asked by DrBeauWebber on Oct 24, 2017
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I have been using AD chips for many decades. I am looking again at the receiver chain for my NMR spectrometers, and would very much like to see if I can incorporate a digital filter after the preamp.

I am interested to see what I can do with two ADRF6516 filters.

Now as I understand it, both filters are always programmed to the same frequency, but is there any possibility of changing this so they are different ?

In comment  there is a listing of the firmware for this device. Now I have only so far worked with Altera FPGAs (and very recently Xilinx); is it feasible for me to think of re-programming the  ADRF6516 filters to different frequencies ?


Dr. Beau Webber