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Need support for LT8490 MPPT charger

Question asked by viji0789 on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by Fil

We are Used LT8490 MPPT charger for one of our project.
Our idea is to charge two 12V/100Ah SLA batteries from two 40w solar panels connected in parallel (OCV = 27V)
We have added load switch between charger and batteries.So that in long cloudy days we can charge only selected battery.
Secondly in case any one of the battery becom faulty during the service period disconnect from charger through micro controller
who moniter battery health though gauge IC (LTC2943)
Load sharing switch (LTC4416) used to discharge power from healthiest battery.
incase both SLA battery levels fall below 11V load will be supply thorough Backup supply Li-Ion Battery.
Kindly tell me this schematic which I have attached will work as per above listed requirement or not ?