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Error refilling buf -110

Question asked by xOpen on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by mhennerich

Hello, experts. There was a problem, but when I was using ADSB, I ran the program Error refilling buf -110.


Hardware environment: Zynq7 ad9361


Software environment: Linux 4.0, libiio


The display information is as follows:


* Acquiring IIO context


* Acquiring AD9361 streaming devices


* Configuring AD9361 for streaming


* Acquiring AD9361 PHY channel 0


* Acquiring AD9361 RX Lo channel


* Initializing AD9361 IIO streaming channels


* Enabling IIO streaming channels


* Creating non-cyclic IIO buffers with 1 MiS


* Starting IO streaming (press CTRL+C to cancel)


Error refilling buf -110


* Destroying buffers


* Disabling streaming channels


* Destroying context


Software: device tree, kernel configuration file, dmesg