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HMC840 and HMC829 rapid frequency hopping

Question asked by on Oct 23, 2017
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We are using HMC840 and HMC829 devices, both with 100 MHz phase detection frequency (PDF). We need to perform frequency hopping (in a range of about 100 MHz) and do it as fast as possible (preferably less than 100 usec.).


I have the following questions:

1. According to Hittite FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about Narrowband, Triband, Wideband RF PLL+VCO Clock Generation Products), section 6, the subsection titled "Does CP Offset Current affect locking behavior of the PLL", it is necessary to perform a delay while performing a frequency hop. Specifically it says "Delay settling time of the PLL". How can I estimate the necessary delay?


2. If I use manual VCO calibration (as opposed to auto-calibration), is it necessary to perform the manipulation with CP offset that is mentioned in item 1 above (including the associated delay) when performing a frequency hop? Is there a chance that the PLL will not lock If I do not perform that manipulation?

Note: until now we have used VCO auto-calibration and we had to perform the above manipulation, or else the PLL would occasionally fail to lock.


3. The AN titled "Frequency Hopping with Hittite PLL VCIs" section 5 provides detailed instructions on performing manual VCO calibration (I prefer using the direct LUT method). In section 5.1 it specifies modifications to normal PLL programming (Reg08h[8], Reg0Bh[18:17]). It is not clear to me when these values should be programmed. Specifically, should I program these values:

- Once during initialization?

- Once after disabling VCO auto-calibration (step 7 in Table 1)?

- At some other time(s)?

Note: the above register fields are not described in any way in the user guide (in particular Reg08h[8] is marked as reserved in the user guide).


4. The Above AN in section 5.1, Table 1, item 4 indicates that for the HMC840 the data that should be stored in the LUT is: "Reg10h x 2^8 + 5".

Does it mean that for the HMC840 (as opposed to HMC829) the code that should be written to VCO register 0[8:1] to effect manual VCO calibration for a given frequency is not the exact value that was read from PLL register 10h[7:0] after completed auto-calibration using that frequency, and instead should use that value + 5 counts?