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AD9361 Worse Performance at Lower LO Frequency

Question asked by RobertYJ on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by RobertYJ

Hi everyone,

In my application I use the AD9361 FMComms3 and transmit OFDM burst signal.

I use cable to connect two AD9361, and I observe that when I set the LO frequency to 2400000000(2.4G) the PER(Packet Error Rate) is 0, then I set the LO frequency to 1000000000(1G) the PER became 0.4%, after few test I found that when I set the LO frequency to 1200000000(1.2G) the PER is 0, but when I set the LO to 1100000000(1.1G) the PER became 0.4%, I have done the initialization before every test, can some one tell me why??


I'll be very appreciate for any reply.