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AD5663 - How do I use it?

Question asked by VeyDlin on Oct 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by isantos

I'm trying to initialize ad5663 but I get 0 volts on the exit.


Here's my code that I use:

GpioWrite(SPI_CS, true);
GpioWrite(DAC_CLR, true);
GpioWrite(DAC_LDAC, false);

// cmd = 0b011          - write cmd of "Write to and update DAC channel n"
// addr = 0b111          - all DACs
// data = 0b0000111100001110
uint8 dacData[3] = {0b00011111, 0b00001111, 0b00001110};
while(1) {
     GpioWrite(SPI_CS, false);
     SpiTransmit(uint8*)dacData, 3);
     GpioWrite(SPI_CS, true);